Maximize Your Philanthropic Dollars through Strategic Giving

Philanthropic giving is an increasingly important aspect of any business model. Haven’t developed a philanthropic strategic plan for 2020 yet and want more information on how to do it right? Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen!

APR is all about collaboration. We are excited to celebrate with Savannah area non-profit The Creative Coast, as they receive an incredible grant providing seed funds for Savannah area entrepreneurial efforts.

Focus Groups for the Win!

How to use focus groups to your advantage: bettering your business and bettering your workplace environment.

Everyday is an Adventure with Jennifer

With several bags packed and full tank of gas, a quick trip to Albany, Georgia for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce’s New Georgia Economy Series workshop, turned into a fun adventure.

Meet Our Summer 2019 Interns

Learn all about them, their journey, and their excitement for adventures with us this summer!

Happily Ever After Starts Here: The Clyde Venue

Say I do to this new venue space in Savannah's historic district!

Not Your Average Breakfast

Georgia Tech-Savannah kicks off their "Learners & Leaders" breakfast series for 2019 with insight from Patrick Emmett, managing director of Business Valuation Inc., and C. Don Wiggins, president of Business Valuation Group and Heritage Capital Group.

The (short) Story Behind Abshire PR

Being the CEO of your own company is something many people dream about. So how and why did Jennifer do it?

The Ultimate Savannah Weekend Getaway Guide

Savannah is sure to exceed all of your weekend travel expectations. We've compiled some of the must-see's and must-eat's. So, pack your bags and get ready to eat, sip, and play.

Meet Our Spring 2019 Interns

How to use focus groups to your advantage: bettering your business and bettering your workplace environment.

Meet Our Fall Intern Adri Gaal

My name is Adri Gaal, and I am a Senior at Georgia Southern University – Armstrong Campus.

10 Ways to Position Your Company as a Thought Leader

How can you sell yourself without delivering a typical sales pitch? How can you standout as a leader? Tips from company leader and real estate lengend, Cora Bett Thomas.

Meet Summer Intern Mary Grace Brantley

How to use focus groups to your advantage: bettering your business and bettering your workplace environment.

Meet Our Summer Intern Zach Bryne

How to use focus groups to your advantage: bettering your business and bettering your workplace environment.

Preparing for Your PR Rollercoaster

Ups and downs in business are inevitable. Learn how a public relations plan can help your business's reputation stay afloat in this week's blog!

How to Find Your Niche In Savannah

Moving to Savannah or newly relocated? Here are our tips for getting your footing in the hostess city.

Podcasts Are The New Radio

Podcasts used to be an afterthought, a useless menu option on your iPod that offered little to be desired. With companies looking for new ways to brand and market themselves, podcasts have been revamped and are the perfect way to spend your time during the commute to work.

Is Now the Time to Rethink Facebook?

Today's post is from Mandy Edwards Marketing, and she is a social media thought leader in Statesboro. Here is her opinion on the recent Facebook debaucle and maintaining her business despite that.

Your Brand Ambassador is Right Under Your Nose

Who knows the little nuances that make your company special more than your employees? Tap into their ability to be your brand advocate.

How to Secure Your Summer Internship

Approaching a company, business, or person that you’d like to work with can be intimidating, so here are 5 tips for securing the summer internship of your dreams!

Why Giving Back to the Community is Non-Negotiable

Savannah is a charitable city. For every business, there are at least two non-profits. Simply maintaining their yearly budget is dependent upon the help of the local community. We know that if we give back, whatever we gave up whether time, money, or work will come back in the most fulfilling ways.

Week of February 19, 2018

We were so proud of the fantastic media coverage that our clients garnered this week!

Why PR is Insurance for Your Brand

Why do we buy car, house, or life insurance? To protect ourselves should an accident occur. We don’t want to be left in a crisis, with nothing to fall back on.

Week of January 22, 2018

Huge congrats to Savannah Speech & Hearing, Bouhan Falligant, Parker's, Calvary Day School, Generation NEXT, and Page International Team of the Quarter!

Why You Want Bloggers to Visit Your Business

Today's Internet-centric world revolves around how people perceive you online. You can't force people to spread the word about you, so positive word-of-mouth is essential. As the famous quote from Jean-Louis Gassee goes, "advertising is saying you're good. PR is getting someone else to say you're good." How do you do that?

Team Meetings

Most work environments include a meeting in a stuffy conference room. We like to keep things personal, so you can find our team meeting at Jennifer's restored historical home in downtown Savannah...

Generation Next 2018

Tomorrow is the big day for 18 professionals under 40 in Savannah. We're talking about Generation Next, and we wanted to acknowledge our friends and clients for their accomplishment! Click the nominee's name to view more of their profile.

National Handwriting Day

In honor of National Handwriting Day, we wanted to share something we know about our CEO, Jennifer Abshire.

Week of January 15, 2018

The beginning of a new year comes with event launches, new additions to the company, and celebrating accolades. We are proud to be able to help our clients announce and spread these new beginnings!

PR Intern Perspectives on Event Planning

As a public relations intern, it is an exciting experience to watch an event unfold behind the scenes. From the countless meetings with the client and contractors, to preparing for the day of the event, the energy is tangible. Being a part of such a huge endeavor, like the grand unveiling of the DeSoto Savannah, showed me an insider’s perspective of event planning.

Finding the Right Employee

Jennifer Abshire, founder and CEO of Abshire Public Relations, recently talked to Business in Savannah about how her ideas about finding the right employee have changed over time. She now hires many contractors, including graphic designers, website designers, writers, and consultants, to supplement her team’s strengths.

Positive Attitudes Brings A Positive Result To The Workplace

People tend to think that the most important traits to possess in order to be successful are for a person to be very intelligent and know exactly what they are doing. While these attributes certainly play a role in one’s success, I personally don't believe these to be the most important traits. [...]