Create, Innovate, Collaborate!

February 14, 2020

Do you know how to collaborate? You may be surprised at how few people actually understand this skill, because it is, in fact, a skill that must be practiced!

Far too often, collaboration is mistaken for packing everyone in the same room and telling them about a decision that’s already set in stone.That couldn’t be further from the truth! Genuine collaboration involves ongoing input from multiple members of your team. It is a give and take of ideas that are collected and eventually synthesized, through many discussions and thought processes, into one cohesive, clear outcome.

And the first step to nurturing a collaborative environment? Creativity!The most successful businesses are those that encourage creative, innovative thought among all employees, from the lower levels to the C-suite. Great ideas don’t have a rank! Don’t hold your company back by excluding certain people from conversations due to less experience. Think of it this way: younger generations just beginning their careers bring a wave of fresh perspectives to the workplace that older members of the workforce simply don’t have; on the same token, more senior employees bring years of life experience and those resulting thoughts to the table that can converge with the ideas of younger minds to create something totally new! None of this would be possible without allowing for each and every member of your team to collaborate.

Ask your employees for ideas and spark a dialogue. It may require a little extra pushing and prodding at first, but with time, it’ll become second nature and take your decision-making processes to the next level!

Go forth and create!

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