10 Ways to Position Your Company as a Thought Leader

October 11, 2018

Positioning yourself as a reputable resource is important for all leaders: a coach, business owner, realtor, entrepreneur, the list goes on. But how can you sell yourself without delivering a typical sales pitch? How can you standout as a leader? Real estate legend, Cora Bett Thomas, recently shared these tips with her agents on becoming a thought leader:

  1. Analyze the market
  2. Be the connector for media
  3. Be seen locally
  4. Embrace local government
  5. Share financing expertise
  6. Lead local giving (let the community know what you are doing to give back)
  7. Be environmentally conscience
  8. Brush up on cryptocurrency
  9. Instagram more than Facebook
  10. Network in your industry

Be innovative. Be confident. Lead by example.