Focus Groups for the Win!

How to Use Focus Groups in Business

Focus groups are an efficient and effective way to launch new ideas for your business. They typically range from 7-10 participants, who are inside the company, along with another individual, who is outside the company. This individual, for example, could be the director of a public relations firm that is publicizing the story of your business. They are in charge of asking focused questions that relate to the company’s goals and objectives. Focus groups are not only for diving into customer insights, but also into employees’ opinions as well.

Do you want your business to be successful? How are you going to improve? Will you achieve great things? These are all questions that businesses think about on a daily basis. With focus groups, you are allowed to sit down with select employees and discuss these topics. The moderator, or in this case, the PR director, will guide the conversation in hopes to receive useful feedback for the company. The PR director will trigger the discussion, while all participants express their thoughts and views. Focus groups can cover things like consumer feelings, product improvements, marketing strategies, brand awareness, and more. The PR director will ask questions like, “What is your mission statement?” or “Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?” These challenging questions help businesses think about why they do what they do. During the discussion, employees may create a new mission statement or even a new logo print.

Anything and everything can be considered during a focus group, but the main point is to open the floor up to participants who have a desire to better the company.

Unlike one-on-one interviews, focus groups gather a lot more valuable information for the business. With more people, the CEO and employees can come up with multiple ideas that bring the company success in the future.