Meet Our Summer 2019 Interns

June 4, 2019
My name is Embree Jenkins and I am from the quaint town of Millen, Georgia. I am currently a junior public relations major at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia living the life of a student and an Abshire Public Relations intern. The small town life, that I hold so dear, is what has helped me grow and form a passion for people, communication and relationships throughout my college career and now into my internship with Abshire PR. From a young age, my father engraved a deep-rooted passion for all things media, creative endeavors, and creative thought. On the other hand, my mom supplied me with a double dose of networking skills and taught me to smile and put on my best pair of shoes with a signature lipstick color to conquer any task. During my free time, you might find me scrolling through Pinterest searching for the perfect dream kitchen made for lots of guests. If it is the weekend, you can find me sipping sweet tea on my grandmother’s front porch back home, or you may find me barefoot in the next county over chasing my two-year-old nephew through the garden. Wherever I am, I am happy to be there! To say I am blessed is an understatement, but to say I am blessed to have the title as “intern” for Abshire PR is an even greater understatement.

Hi there! My name is Sims Buttimer and I am from the lovely city of Savannah, Georgia. I am a junior marketing major at Georgia College & State University and plan on graduating in May 2021. I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to work with Abshire Public Relations this summer. I know I will gain hands-on experience and a deeper meaning of PR. In my free time, I either go to the beach, ride on the boat, workout, play some sports, or simply spend time with friends and family. I absolutely love being outdoors and staying active. School is very important to me too. I make sure to balance my academic and social lives by planning and using my time wisely. I have a passion for spreading good news, sharing stories, and creating new relationships. So, you could say the idea of public relations seems like the perfect fit. I discovered my love for helping others through my leadership positions and tasks. During my time at GCSU, I have been the Ronald McDonald House Chair, New Member Coordinator for my sorority, Director of Morale, and a Morale Leader. With these roles, I have learned how to supervise large groups, communicate effectively, and build trust with my peers. I was also on the public relations committee for the non-profit organization, Georgia College Miracle. We were in charge of designing the merchandise, managing the website, and selling items. All in all, these activities made me realize the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and uplifting those around me. I enjoy working with people, running around town, and developing reputations. If something great happens, the public should be the first to know! I hope to continue my drive and motivation to pursue a career in public relations. I am super excited for this journey with Jennifer, Shannon, and Susan. They make a strong and dependable team and I am happy to tag along! Can’t wait to see what’s in store.