Not Your Average Breakfast

February 21, 2019

What if someone told you, "you could improve your business endeavors in just two hours", would you believe them? What if this included a delicious breakfast, would you start listening a little more? Georgia Tech-Savannah kicks off their "Learners & Leaders" breakfast series for 2019 with insight from Patrick Emmett, managing director of Business Valuation Inc., and C. Don Wiggins, president of Business Valuation Group and Heritage Capital Group.

The breakfast is called "Business Valuation: 35 Business Value Killers" because with over thirty years of leadership experience under their belt, the pair of business leaders know the in's and out's to business strategy, financial infrastructure, and pathways to success for all types of companies. They will give you 35 tips on what not to do, dozens of pointers on what to do, and answer all of your burning business questions.

Register today for only $15 at